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Go Green!

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Certainly a constant challenge

Certainly a critical element of success in any technology project

The security requirements, whether or organizational infrastructure, are increasingly an integral part of the strategy for business investment and less of the cost of activity and begins by establishing the consciousness that this should be seen as a challenge, since it is called concerned every day with the emergence of new threats.

The establishment of conscience should rise a set of procedures and policies that lead to its implementation across the board in the organization. Such policies and procedures should then derive the implementation of rules and preventive mechanisms and pro-active for its implementation.

For the approach that companies need in terms of security, becomes increasingly analytical systems to maintain constant (audit) to enable a rapid identification of potential problems.

Such analysis can be made through the use of tools that act in a systematic way, producing reports of vulnerabilities, or by using services offered by companies of confidence, that apart from using such analysis tools, add value in identifying positive of the main concerns and problems to solve in the infrastructure of the company under review.

The MarketWare Europe acts on both sides mentioned. But as a supplier of tools for systematic analysis (eg Qualys), sometimes using them and producing concise reports that set priorities and filter in some way potential false positives and / or false negatives.

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