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Load Tests

One of the main problems that occur in the websites and that compromise their performance and competitiveness in the e-business is the inability to bear the load that leads to the inability of users meet all their demands without fails of temporary viewing, errors viewing or speed of response.

Accordingly, the load that the site contains becomes vital to define its success and profitability. Estimate the average audience of the site and test its performance when used simultaneously by all its potential users it's essential to measure and evaluate its ability to respond and avoid problems of performance, expressed as shown by the image below.


Performance Bottleneck - Teste de Carga

n this domain MarketWare, ffers two aternatives to its customers:
  • Load tests, using real users based on a panel of about 160.000 users geographically spread on the planet.

The Keynote Test Perspective service, can be used in a "self service" way with the support of MarketWare to build scripts, setup of agents and training. Through the Test Perspective service tests can be performed immediately whenever it's necessary, getting immediate response to the major issues, allowing a quick intervention to fix the problems.

The Load Tests using real users are done in complete outsourcing. MarketWare, depending on the indications of the client, identifies and prepares a users group for the Load Testing. In parallel, it will analyze the results as they are obtained according to the increasing load applied to the site. Unlike the service "Test perspective" the execution of operations will not be automatically implemented by agents, however it could be automated to the extent that real users will perform pre-defined operations of interest for the analysis.

With the paradigm of "cloud computing" in the context of Web 2.0 the preparation of sites for business on the Web can not neglect the aspects of load management. We must not forget that the bandwidth will increase for the companies and for the users, so an increasingly smaller number of users will be abble to upload a site preventing its normal operation. The team of consultants in MarketWare is ready to, in a short space of time, help identify and resolve these situations.