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Go Green!

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MarketWare is a Dynatrace partner in Portugal. Dynatrace integrated Keynote Systems, of which Marketware had been a partner since 2002.

Dynatrace is the world leader in Application Performance Management (APM), both in terms of business volume and recognized by entities such as Gartner.



APM (Application Performance Management) solutions ensure monitoring and management of the performance and availability of software applications. The main objective is to ensure the best digital experience possible. Therefore, user interactions and business transactions are monitored and analyzed down to the code level to provide actionable insights. Our APM solutions ensure an automatic discovery of user-facing application environments to core systems, dynamic baselining, and AI solutions that solve problems before users are impacted.[see more]


Performance and Availability

Synthetic monitoring, using periodic automated measurements, allows you to have a clear and accurate notion of site/transaction behavior, both in terms of performance and availability. Complemented with alarm and reporting, it enables proactive management of online applications.
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QoS Monitor Report

The QoS Monitor report (performance and availability of websites and transactions) is part of MarketWare's monitoring and analysis services.
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Integrity Analysis

The integrity analysis is generated through one of our services called by. This analysis provides a very deep set of information about the "health status of your site", including information on broken links, errors and bad practices of html coding, incompatibility of browsers, among others.
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Usability Analysis

Usability analysis provides a comprehensive view of the user experience on the site and how it interacts with the site.
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Load Testing

Load testing allows you to test and analyze site availability and performance under load conditions.
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