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Go Green!

Go Green!

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SSL Security and Extended Validation Certificates


The additional security features present opportunities and threats to the owners of the websites. Because the high-security browsers provide a more transparent view of the safety of users, those who have good security measures strengthened its corporate image and confidence of visitors, while those who do not have it will feel an increase in dropout rates.


Owners of websites should take into account the importance placed on SSL certificates. All high security browsers decided to use a different background colour in the navigation bar to indicate SSL sessions; and fraudulent websites have a navigation bar in red or pink. The emitter of the SSL certificate and the levels of encryption are also shown highlighted.

There is a percentage (published by Forrester Research) of high users (57%) that believe that the online companies do not do enough to protect them.


The Phishing and online fraud undermine the confidence of the customers.


The Phishing and online fraud generated doubts and concern among buyers. To recover their confidence, the owners of websites need to have a reliable and easy way to show to the customers that their transactions are secure and authenticate by the company.
Manufacturers of security and Internet browsers joined forces to establish a standard of validation for SSL certificates (previously known as "high security certificates")


The navigation bar of high security green


Microsoft ® Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) is the first browser that uses the new type of the status bar for security. When buyers visit a secure website with SSL certificate with Extended Validation, the IE7 will make the navigation bar become green and display the name of the organization included in the certificate as the issuer of the security certificate. The browser and distributor of security control the page, making difficult to the phishers and counterfeiters to take the image and brand of the company and consequently of its customers.



SSL Certificates with Extended Validation (EV) helps to achieve a higher level of confidence by the users.


If a website shows these marks of confidence and their competition don’t, it pass on the image that your company is of greater trust and legitimacy, which is a competitive advantage in electronic commerce. For companies with important trademarks, the use of a SSL Certificate with Extended Validation (EV) is a safe way to defend themselves from phishing attacks.


Customers will learn to find the green bar before releasing confidential information.