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Go Green!

Go Green!

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MarketWare is a technologic Portuguese company, leader in Security and Web Environment Quality solutions. In this context, it’s the main supplier of Digital Certificates and it’s recognized as an authority that monitors Internet in Portugal. It has several services in this area, developed by the company and developed by other brands, leaders at a global scale. MarketWare stands out as their representative, due to the demonstrated experience obtained through the development of national and international projects of big dimension and by the strong position achieved in the market:



The security requirements, infrastructural and organizational, are an integrant part of the investment strategy of the companies and less of the activity costs.

In terms of security, companies need an approach that is related to the constant system analysis (audit) and that allow a quick identification of potential problems.

That analysis can be done based on the use of tools that act in a systematic way, producing vulnerability reports or through the utilization of services offered by trustworthy companies, that add value on the positive identification of the main worries and problems unresolved in the infrastructure of the company. MarketWare acts in both ways. [more]


Quality of Service in Web Environments

MarketWare has a set of services that intends to enhance the quality of the service, especially in web environments, and improve the user experience. To MarketWare, a high quality service it’s a critical success factor on e-business, combined with three strategies: Monitoring, Measurement and Optimization. [more]


Electronic Invoicing / Electronic Billing

Currently it is common talk about Electronic Billing and the companies that joined this reality are increasing, due to the associated benefits. However, in a near future the information will be exchanged only through electronic invoicing.

Electronic Invoicing emerged naturally in the path of the company, consequence of the leadership and experience obtained in the Digital Certification field. MarketWare is present in the European Market as well as worldwide, with technological solutions that allow the incorporation of a user-friendly methodology, simple and intuitive, that assures the security levels that a project of this dimension has to have and has a strategic partnership with Adobe System, with the purpose of create Electronic Invoicing Solutions in PDF format to the European Market. [more]