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Digital Certification

In the field of digital certification, MarketWare offers the market a range of solutions from SSL certificates for servers solutions to the certification of customers, throughout certification of documents, signatures and security of sites.
Regarding the Digital Server Certificate, MarketWare represents Symantec SSL group, which includes in addition to the Symantec SSL certificates, the certificates of Thawte and Geotrust. Result of its growth, MarketWare became a "Platinum Partner" of Symantec SSL, elevating its status by the high volume of certificates that it sells.

MarketWare is currently the market leader in the area of digital certificate for secure servers and certified, through Symantec SSL, a large number of servers in Portugal and Spain, as well as in the rest of Europe and the world.

In addition to the solutions available through its representation it is also available to the market specific solutions, which provide confidence and assurance to users that are protected against theft of personal data and fraud in the use of credit cards by signs of confidence and to network administrators to monitor pro-actively and preventively their entire network.

- EV Certificates (Extended Validation)
Extended Validation Certificates are the next step in the evolution of secure sites. Through this technology and authentication methods associated with them, end users can benefit from the assurance of security and the credibility they need to conduct online transactions. This way the phishing attacks can be more easily detected. [more]

- Digital Server Certificates
 In a scenario of e-commerce is essential to provide to the customers a high level of confidence and security. The user must be sure that the site is genuine and that the information that sends and receives is personal and confidential. Digital server certificates have the purpose of protect confidential information (e.g. credit card numbers, financial data, personal data) from the actions of hackers and other malicious users. [more]

- License Code
The License Code of Symantec SSL allow the software manufacturers to implement a digital signature in the programs and macros developed, ensuring their copyright, while transmitting the user authenticity and trust, that the digital signature ensures when it gives to that solution a safe identification and reliable source that created it. [more]

- Digital E-mail Certificate
For individuals or organizations, these digital certificates are the digital identity on the Internet. These certificates can authenticate, sign and encrypt emails and electronic documents, ensuring complete confidentiality of their electronic messages. [more]

- MPKI Solutions
Authentication, integrity and confidentiality of transactions and communications are critical issues, whether they occur on the Internet, Extranet or Intranet. The security infrastructure of an organization is the basis of trust in the network and is the key to ensure the authentication, privacy and non-repudiation of transactions. Ensure that communications are secure and that customers, employees, business partners and consumers can communicate online with total confidence, has become essential for organizations in the globalized world of today. [more]

- Signature of Documents
MarketWare developed MarketSigner software, able to digitally sign PDF documents making them safe and authentic, legally recognized by law of Digital Signature. [more]

- Hacker Secured Certification
MarketWare  launched the digital certificate Hacker Secured that convey the confidence and assurance that users need to "navigate" on a website with tranquillity. Through it, the users are protected against theft of personal data and fraud the use of credit cards. [more]