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Go Green!

Go Green!

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Enterprise Security


o "Ethical Hacking"

o Security auditing based on ISO 17799 standards

o Vulnerability assessments/analysis

o Installation and maintenance of Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS)



o Installation and maintenance

o High availability

o Load balancing

o Perimetral, Application and Personal Firewalls



o Installation and maintenance


o Between Firewalls

o Between Routers

o Between Routers and Firewalls



o Profile and password management

o "Single Sign On" systems

o Biometric processes


-PKI (Public Key Infrastructure)

o Requirement analysis and functional specifications

o Certification policies

o Legislation analysis regarding Digital Signature and Electronic Invoice

o VCA Solutions (Virtual Certification Authority) or Inhouse CA

o Authentication subsystems of CA/RA (smartcards, tokens, etc.)