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Go Green!

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Electronic Invoicing

Nowadays it’s common to talk about Electronic Invoicing and the enterprises that join this new reality are increasing, due to the clear benefits associated by them. However, the natural course points to a near future marked by information trades based only on electronic documents, instead of paper documents.

The technological advances allow the companies and enterprises to create their own virtual space, similar to the physical reality, not less unique, individual or useful. The possibility of creating an identity in the Internet, singular to each one, through the introduction of the Digital Signature, made possible the chance of record our signature in a document, making it personal and easily recognized as being ours, exactly in the same way that in the paper.

The ideas, information and decisions correspond to a way of think and feel to each person or organization. Therefore, above all, their content must be preserved, integrate and faithful, reproducing exactly what the “boss order”. In the digital world, the Digital Signature is the technology that defends the integrity of contents because it will never allow the alteration of the messages by any person or organization, that isn’t the one who originally created it.

MarketWare prematurely understood the potential of this technology, as a way of making people’s and brands identities more dynamics on the Internet, witch is an important progress to the digital markets, to the visibility of the organizations and to the affirmation of individuals in web environments, and it has specialized itself in this domain. It has acknowledged his potential and currently is the leader supplier of Digital Signatures, as a consequence of the high number of services available in this domain to the Iberian Market and worldwide.

To reinforce the position obtained in the area of Electronic Invoicing, MarketWare established a strategic partnership with Adobe, being their only national partner, as ASN Developer, having in view the creation of Invoicing Solutions and Electronic Archive, which are positioned as the preferential solutions by enterprises and individuals, to the world scale.

The gains of fluidity, flexibility and information and business control, the legal validity of the documents based on the UE guidelines, the simplicity of usage, the significant increase of the productivity, the fast ROI and the costs rationalization, based on a technologically advanced solution and specially adapted to the reality of enterprises and business logic are the irresistible arguments to join this new reality.