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Digital E-mail Certificate (Signature and Encryption)

For individuals or organizations, these digital certificates are the digital identity on the Internet. These certificates can authenticate, sign and encrypt emails and electronic documents, ensuring complete confidentiality of their electronic messages.

Digital certificates are provided by MarketWare have the huge advantage of being inserted in the Symantec SSL network, which allow them to be automatically recognized by all browsers. Otherwise the recipient of your messages will receive a message saying that the Certification Authority that issued the certificate is not trusted.

E-mail is very vulnerable to hackers. Messages can be read or modified without the sender or the receiver detect the changes.
An infrastructure for e-mail without using a dedicated Internet for exchanging confidential messages is not economically feasible or easy to use. A more efficient and economically viable is the use of digital certificates, which act as an electronic passport.

Assinatura e Encriptação de Emails

Encryption - Digital certificates allow the encryption of documents and messages and attachments so they can be read only by authorized recipients.

Digital Signature - With Digital Certificates of MarketWare can be added a digital signature to a document or e-mail as proof of identity.

Integrity - When received a message or a digitally signed document can be verified that their content was not changed.