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OutSystems Cloud Metrics PDF Print E-mail


OutSystems is a leading low-code application platform. With this integration, their Cloud API data is available inside Dynatrace.

OutSystems Cloud offering does not allow the installation of Dynatrace's OneAgent. This integration relies on OutSystems’ Performance API, so that the data provided through that API can be ingested into Dynatrace. The data is aggregated inside Dynatrace, and can be available at a high level of detail. The integration of data is done directly into the Dynatrace environment, so there is no need for an ActiveGate. Metrics and information ingested into Dynatrace may be used to setup dashboards, define problems, and used inside Dynatrace as other metrics.

Key Features

  • Given the nature of the OutSystems Cloud offering, this is a way for having monitoring data outside the OutSystems environment.
  • All metrics available through the OutSystems’ Performance API can be ingested into Dynatrace.
  • Client, network and server metrics are included.
  • Level of information can be very detailed.
  • Infrastructure detail (CPU/Memory, etc.) not available at the moment.


None: Program to process data from OutSystems hosted at Marketware



  • Outsystems Performance API key
  • Dynatrace API keys, for:
    • Custom device creation (can be done by client)
    • API v2 “Ingest metrics”


Marketware hosts program that grabs data from OutSystems, and processes it, injecting it afterwards into Dynatrace

  • Level of information is very detailed
    • Includes some data similar to the Purepath level
  • Only Request Count and Response Time, at the moment
    • Program is still in development