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Time: 9:00 h to 13:00 h and 14:00 to 18:00
1 day (8 hours)


Course Objectives:
The course aims to Electronic Commerce train and prepare those responsible businesses to the new challenge that is to initiate, maintain and secure their business in the electronic media, particularly on the Internet.

With the emergence of electronic commerce, many companies have been betting on this new way to negotiate. Alongside the legal framework surrounding and the obvious advantages, there are also several concerns that need special considerations. The Internet channel, although enhancer-creating transactions, shall also be subject to care when it comes to security, means of payment and even in relation to the very logic of business.

This course is for directors of companies, directors (SI, IT, administrative, financial, legal, commercial), managers and systems analysts applications.

Joint sessions of theory and practice, with description of the affairs of the trainer and experimentation in the personal computer.

Summary of program content:

Module 1: Legal Framework for Electronic Commerce

Module 2: The Digital Signature Act and the Electronic Invoice

Module 3: Effectiveness evidence.

Module 4: Electronic Commerce and Insurance Certificate

Module 5: Fields, Marks and Identities

Module 6: Means of Payment and Business Logic

Module 7: Electronic Invoicing

Module 8: Certification Site and Clients

Module 9: Certification of transactions and documents

Module 10: Electronic Commerce in Your Business


Book: The Electronic Commerce in Portugal, edited by ANACOM

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