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Digital Cerfication Course PDF Print E-mail

Location: Lisbon
Time: 9:00 h to 13:00 h and 14:00 to 18:00
Duration: 2 days (16 hours)

Summary of program content:

Content Technology
Module 1: Safety requirements for transactions on the Internet
Module 2: Different types of encryption
Module 3: Cryptography strong cryptography low X
Module 4: Public Key Cryptography
Module 5: PKI - Infrastructure Public Key
Module 6: Digital Server Certificates
Module 7: Personal Digital Certificates
Module 8: The use of digital certificates in the browser
Module 9: The use of digital certificates in the mail
Module 10: The use of digital certificates in MSOffice and Acrobat

Legal Content

Module 1: Law and Internet
Module 2: Digital Signature
Module 3: digital certificate
Module 4: authentication, integrity, confidentiality and non-repudiation
Module 5: Electronic Invoice
Module 6: Effectiveness evidence
Module 7: The relationship with the courts
Module 8: Next Steps legal


Customer's Digital Certificate from Symantec SSL.
Supporting documentation.


This course is for directors of companies, directors (IS, IT, administrative, financial, legal, commercial), and coordinators responsible for web infrastructure, network administrators / webmasters and systems.

Course Objectives:
The aim of this course is to prepare the leaders of companies in order to meet the technical and legal issues associated with Digital Certification to adopt processes of innovation within companies such as Digital Signature and Electronic Invoice. Will be presented in detail the technical aspects of the use of digital certificates and the legal environment. Search in this course to a theoretical approach in practice and especially in order to introduce these technologies in business.

This course is an approach to the following topics:

- The problem of security on the Internet;
- The keys of asymmetric encryption (public and private);
- The PKI infrastructure;
- How to apply the digital signature on the Internet and in documents (eg PDF);
- Legal framework for the introduction of digital signature and electronic invoice;
- Trends.

Joint sessions of theory and practice, with description of the subjects in the training and testing personal computer. Will be conducted exercises and simulations of practical situations.


This course is taught by experienced consultants in various fields, particularly in the theme of electronic commerce and its variants, digital certification, security, law, among others, being coordinated and led by Mr. Victor Ruivo, Director General of MarketWare.

The MarketWare acts in various areas such as the Digital Certificate, Security and QoS. Under the Digital Certificate, it has been assumed as a leader in the Iberian market, and represented by its certificate Symantec SSL (World Leader in Trusted Services), most of web servers. The MarketWare is still involved in the implementation of projects such as the Digital Signature of the introduction of electronic billing in business, and transactions safe and non-repudiáveis the Internet, thus benefiting from the experience of using these new technologies.

General Information
Course Duration - 2 Days

For Registration or Information

Phone - 217 223 432
Fax - 217 223 434
E-mail - formacao@marketware.eu

Adress - MarketWare Portugal, Rua Olavo D´ Eça Leal, Nº 4 A - 1600-306 Lisbon

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