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Applied Hacking Course PDF Print E-mail

Course Objectives:

It seeks to make this course an approach from the perspective of those who have the task to ensure the functioning of the systems that are under their responsibility. Where each technique of attack is identified, the aim will be to implement counter-measures.

This course is intended for network administrators / systems, auditors, security consultants, coordinators and technical directors.

Summary of program content:

Module 1: Security policy

Module 2: Know the enemy

Module 3: Best practices

Module 4: Tools and techniques for hacking

Module 5: Network Vulnerabilities

Module 6: Security in server environment

Module 7: Security in mobile/cloud environments

Module 8: Exploration of services

Module 9: Vulnerabilities applications

Module 10: IDSs and counter-measures

Module 11: Forensic analysis

Module 12: Trends

Joint sessions of theory and practice, with description of the subject by trainer and experimentation in the personal computer. They will be conducted exercises and simulations of practical resolution with individualized.

This course is coordinated and led by Mr. Antonio Sousa, Director of Technical MarketWare Europe (representative and partner of Symantec SSL and Dynatrace, among many others). Account in its curriculum with an accumulated experience of the Internet since 1992, specifically in the area of security. He participated in several national and international forums, particularly in the area of security, having been involved in projects of development, implementation and audit of security systems. It was also participating in the Portuguese SOG-IS - the European Union.

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