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Go Green!

Go Green!

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MarketWare offers specialized and advanced training courses in the areas of Information Security, Network infrastructures and systems, Quality of Service in Web Environments, Electronic Invoicing and Electronic Commerce.
These courses allow the participants to use all the internet potentialities to make the business competitive, with all the authenticity, integrity and confidentiality, safeguarding network information, systems and infrastructures against robbery or use of protected data. It also provides and preserves your identity in the Internet dynamically and keeping the information always available and quick to access.

- Maximize and optimize user abilities to face the new technological solutions
- Integrate technological solutions in company business processes
- Assure the maximum security, authenticity and integrity in the transference of information on the Internet
- Protect network and systems infrastructures, guaranteeing prevently and correctively its security against possible attacks
- Improve the access to the information systems, keeping them constantly available and quickly accessible
- Fitting the new technological solutions with the Law giving legal validity to the solutions

Millennium BCP, CGD, Vodafone, Lusitaniagás, Via Verde, Anacom, BANIF, SIBS, Tranquilidade, EDP, UNICRE, Sonae, University Technique of Lisbon, BPI, SIC, RTP, Lusa Agency, I. Social Segurança, Mainroad, Optimus, Galp Energy, City council of Lisbon, PT Communications, Infarmed, Ministries of Education and Finances, BBVA, Ceger, Deloitte, Ana Airports, and many others.


Marketware count on a team with highly specialized and qualified professionals with a broad experience in training, with raised credibility and experience in Security and Quality of Service in Web Environments.