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Monitoring of Safety

While traditional security products require an installation and internal management by the client, the new platforms for automated management of vulnerabilities allow monitoring of security of its Internet resources in an immediate, continuous and transparent way.

Aware of this and in order to provide quality solutions to market, MarketWare in the field of monitoring of safety, established a partnership with Qualys - a world leader in Vulnerability Assessment.
Available on the Internet, this service employs advanced techniques for the detection of vulnerability to assess the exposure of the security of a network and suggest solutions before the hackers find it and can take advantage of these flaws.

Through a Web interface, users can initiate an audit in real time by selecting the networks or servers to be audited and also selecting the vulnerabilities to be looking. After completion of the audit, is provided a detailed report of vulnerabilities found pointing their corrections.

Os problemas da Segurança. Ataques constantes.

According to a study made by the Carnegie Mellon University (CERT), 99% of intrusions result from two factors - exploitation of known vulnerabilities (for which there are patches or corrective countermeasures) and configuration errors. This is a reality that has contributed to the increase of the use of preventive tools for the detection of faults, which are the basis for ensuring the safety of an infrastructure.

When made on a continuous and proactive monitoring of security systems, the MarketWare reduce significantly the time of investigation of those responsible for security, the time of discovery of the existent vulnerabilities, contributing to a faster resolution of problems. But more important, it means to be able to detect vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by others.

Even companies that already invest in security systems like firewalls, IDSs and anti-virus, will find in the management vulnerability system a critical component of the global security strategy.