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Go Green!

Go Green!

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Performance and Availability

MarketWare provides services for measuring and monitoring (M & M) performance and availability of websites and transactions, with the generation of alarms when the performance and availability are beyond the limits set.
The most common complaint of users of Internet is its slowness. Even the advent of broadband will not be the solution to all problems. Users have more bandwidth and processing capacity available while this resources increasingly lack in the infrastructure server.
How to reconcile with an increasingly rational investment is a real challenge, in which MarketWare can help you.

Analysis of Performance and Availability of URLs

The analysis of performance and availability of the website is done by a monitoring service called Application Perspective. This is a datamining tool for analyzing in detail and from different perspectives measurements taken periodically by "agents" located on the Internet, with the ability to generate alarms when performance and availability are beyond the limits set.

The service reflects the experience with loyalty by the end user, by using infrastructure located on the Internet. Periodically, the agents collect information of the experienced performance and availability, information which can be observed from any computer connected to the Internet. In the application where the display is made possible, it's even possible to trigger the diagnostic tools that enable an instant overview of the behaviour of the site.

It is a service that does not require any installation of hardware/software, its activation may be done in a matter of hours.
This service performs the monitoring of a URL, monitoring with the pace set the HTML page defined by the URL, as well as all objects referenced in the HTML. This includes all CSS, JS, GIF, JPEG, SWF objects or others referenced in the HTML.

The service isolates the time corresponding to the times of the following components:


DNS resolution:
Time that the agent takes to resolve the DNS. 

Initial Connection:
Time of establishment of the TCP connection between the agent and server.

When there is a redirect, it measures the time of effecting of this redirreccionamento.

Time to First Byte:
Time between the implementation of the request "GET" and the obtaining of the first answer. Excellent indicator of latency application.

Loading Content:
Measures the time it takes loading the remaining content, which possibly was not transported in the first byte.


Transaction Prespective

This service performs the transactional monitoring consisting of a transaction in a set of steps between different pages. The pages of a transaction can be simple web pages, nevertheless much of the usual monitoring of transactions in which login is performed, followed by the completion of the steps in an environment of controlled access.

In addition to the components monitored in the Web Site Perspective, per page there are monitored the following components:


Time of establishment of the SSL connection.

Request Time:
Latency introduced at the start of the request (eg. calculation of the destinations of redirection).

Customer Time:
Latency introduced by the client (eg. decompression, rendering, etc.).

On the transactional prespective, it's possible to observe the behavior of QoS in total, per page and even per component.