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Go Green!

Go Green!

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Consulting and Audit

MarketWare provides consulting services aimed at enabling companies to rapidly evaluate the quality of service provided, and optimization of the same quality when it does not reach the desired levels. These services are appropriate when you do not want to invest large sums in products and skilled human resources, with the guarantee of specific and immediate results .

Do not know what is causing performance problems within the Web infrastructure can mean hours of downtime for the business and significant loss of income and increased costs. In this context, MarketWare help their customers analyzing quickly and objectively the cause of problems, covering the entire infrastructure that support the business that goes from the web servers to the database, through logic and server applications.

The consultants of MarketWare will work to help you achieve the peak of performance. Using its extensive experience and tools of analysis that are available, MarketWare will be able to get you to the next level of performance. Through correlational analysis, MarketWare will be capable of identifying the key problems, allowing a quick intervention in their resolution.
MarketWare's work does not end in problem solving. Monitoring the performance of the site is essential for the proper performance of the business, therefore, MarketWare presents complementary services.

Monitoring & Measurement:
The monitoring and measurement service of availability and performance, under an outsourcing scheme, with delivery of periodic reports and suggestions for improvement.

Management Web Indicators:
SWOT analysis of the web-site, in the areas of visits, analysis of bottlenecks and trends, and competitive comparisons with the competition.

Performance Tests:
It ables to verify if the dimension of their systems is adequate for the desired levels of load. Includes load testing, stress tests and tests of integrity.

Optimizing Application:
Analysis of the efficiency of the application and the resources use, with detection of bottlenecks and correction of faults. Application of best practices.