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Go Green!

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As a web resource increasingly important in many aspects of life: education, employment, government, trade, health care, recreation, among others, it is essential that the Web is accessible to provide equal access and equal opportunities to everyone.

The Webaccessibility, allows to implement best practices to create a site that enriches the experience of all its users, enabling them to learn, understand, navigate and interact with the web, even to those with special needs, older people and younger, using techniques, tools and guidelines to make it "user friendly", with an easy and intuitive navigation.

This service allows the website to be accessible, regardless of sensory and functional disabilities of users, software, communications and equipments used, and the environment, following the W3C and 508 rules, that allow the adaptation of the content, design and software to the different needs.

We help companies to develop a policy for electronic access by implementing effective measures that allow to create the appropriate design, the effective structure and content based in alternative texts, often using the tools of creation and evaluation of content, software and supporting technologies that implement features for accessibility. Through automated tools and services the analysis of accessibility is still possible determinate the accessibility of the site.

Note: This symbol indicates that the website contains features of accessibility for people with special needs. Also the older, the young, the people temporarily weakened, and those with slow access to the Internet benefit from this type of functionality.