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Go Green!

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Electronic Billing

The right partner for the implementation of the Electronic Billing Project, Find why!

1. Successful experiences in projects of a big dimension, as in Via Verde, Galp, Mc Donald’s, among others

MarketWare is in the business of Electronic Billing for several years and particularly invests in the processes, technology and individuals. It’s crucial to instruct the workforce before implement the project and it was with this strategic vision that MarketWare captured the interest of the majority of their clients. In this sense, it provides Professional Advanced Training actions that serve as a motivation for the launch of prestigious companies in the world of Electronic Billing.

Some examples:

Via Verde, Millennium BCP, Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Sonae Group, Optimus, GalpEnergia, MacDonald's, Força Aérea Portuguesa, Ministério da Administração Interna.


2. Market Leadership in the supply of Digital Signatures

The introduction of the Digital Signature in an Electronic Document is mandatory to have legal validity, because it provides evidence about the authenticity and origin of the document and the integrity of the content, ensuring the security of the information.

MarketWare, as a leader in the TIC market in Security solutions and as the main supplier of Digital Certificates, which is a result of the high number of certificates in the European market and across the world, presents technological solutions that permit the incorporation of a user-friendly methodology, simple, intuitive and that assures the required security levels of a project like this.

In the base offer, MarketShare presents solutions for the release of the client’s Digital certificates, either trough the availability of an internal solution to the company’s client (MKPI) or through the direct release of the certificate, with the possibility of adjustment to the concrete needs of the client, both in the process of release as in the process of authentication. In the Electronic Invoicing domain it appears the digital certificates to the Signature of e-mails and the Digital certificates to the Signature of Documents.


The integration of a Digital Certificate to the Signature of e-mails in a Project of Electronic Invoicing allows the identification of the source of the sent documents and guarantee that the information is secure. This way, it’s possible to confirm who effectively participated in the information transaction and that the message is still pure.
The Digital Certificates to the Signature of Documents allows signing digitally the electronic documents available for download in the site or sent by e-mail.

3. Excellence in the performance of the Digital Signature

The generation of electronic invoicing can be done manually or automatically, depending on the volume of documents. To create a little amount of electronic documents, usually it can be created a PDF and then the individual has to sign it using the solution.


To generate a high number of electronic documents, MarketWare designed the high performance MOTOR of Digital Signature, the Package Java API for developments about Adobe PDF. It’s a technology totally designed by MarketWare to generate and sign automatically the electronic documents of all formats.


It’s characterized by the robustness, flexibility, agility and fast processing and it can be used for projects of Electronic Billing with a big volume of mensal invoices, such as Via Verde.


Main features:


It generates thousands of electronic documents and simultaneously signs them digitally only in a few seconds.

Java developments:

It’s totally developed in Java and therefore, executed in any platform and any Operative System.

Open code:

It’s available in open code (options Soure) so that the company may adapt it to other projects, without the interference of MarketWare.

Documents compaction:

It has the capacity to compact PDF documents into very small sizes, to 20 or 30 KGB, optimizing the transmission and archive.

Integration of Digital Signatures Class III:

It's prepared to use every kind of Digital Signatures, including the Digital Signature Class III, highly recommendable in a process of Electronic Invoicing due to the high level of liability.

4. Strategic Partnership with Adobe, as ASN Developer

To reinforce MarketWare position in the Electronic Invoicing area, the company has established a strategic partnership with Adobe Systems, in order to create Electronic Invoicing Solutions in PDF format to the European Market.

The Adobe PDF format it’s the most recognized and used for the lecture of documents, due to the reading and printing facilities and due to the difficulty in transforming the content of a PDF file. The format was specially designed to preserve the quality of professional documents, regardless the software or hardware being used.

The utilization of standard formats simplifies the automatic integration of the electronic documents in different information systems.


5. Electronic Archive Robustness and Performance

Developed by MarketWare, the Electronic Archive is characterized by the total availability and speediness of the direct access and by the speediness and efficiency of the boleanas searches in line. This solution is implemented in companies such as Via Verde.

This way, the legal proceedings that define the direct access, online and in other circumstances, are fulfilled and are available whenever they are requested by the supervisory authorities.

- Supports every type of documents in different formats: pdf, doc, etc.
- Scalable to millions of registers.
- Configurable Interface web (different templates).
- Separation of documents by user in restricted areas of secure access and authentication with user and password.
- Constant security audits and analysis that allow the detection of eventual vulnerabilities and that eliminate all possibilities of intrusion.
- Research in the documents at several levels, with the possibility of definition of the meta data.
- Quick and highly personalized searches to access, in real time, a documents history according to the criteria of the user.
- Unlimited documents history.
- Availability and speediness in the access to information, through Performance and Availability Analysis.
- Creation of daily backups with updated information.

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