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Go Green!

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Electronic Archive

Developed by MarketWare Europe, the Electronic Archive is characterized by the total availability and speed of direct access and online, for the security of information, the speed and efficiency of searches boleanas. This solution is implemented in companies such as Via Verde.


Thus, it is with the legal procedures that define the direct access, online and in any event, available when requested by the competent supervisory authorities.


- Supports all kinds of documents in different formats: pdf, doc, etc..

- Scalable up to millions of records

- Web interface configurable (different templates)

- Separation of documents per user in the reserved area of secure access and authenticated with user and password

- Audits and constant analysis of safety, that can detect potential vulnerabilities and eliminate the potential for intrusion

- Research at various levels within the documents, with the possibility of setting target data

- Polls fast and highly customizable so as to access in real time, a history of documents, according to the criteria of the user

- Historical documents of unlimited

- Availability and faster access to information, through analysis of Performance and Availability

- Generating daily backups with all the information updated