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Go Green!

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Measure your native mobile app performance and availability on real Android and iPhone devices, with no instrumentation.

This is a synthetic offering for measuring performance and availability of native mobile apps. Measurements are conducted on real Android and iPhone devices. It provides metrics for performance and availability, but also other important metrics, including bandwidth consumption, memory & CPU usage, app & data storage usage, amongst others. All these metrics can be ingested into Dynatrace. Screenshot on Error is available by default.

There is no need to make changes to the apps being measured, so even benchmarking can be considered. Hosting and scripting are provided, and advanced functionality, including OTP & geolocation, are also possible. Other features can be implemented, on demand. Several mobile devices are available, for several iOS and Android versions. Specific devices can be arranged.

Key Features

  • Synthetic measurements of native mobile apps
  • No need to instrument mobile apps, and can even be used in benchmarking scenarios.
  • Measurements are done on real Android and iPhone devices.
  • Several versions of Android & iOS are supported, on different devices.
  • Several metrics are available besides performance & availability, including bandwidth consumption, memory & CPU usage, app & data storage usage, amongst others.
  • Advanced cases are possible, including OTP & geolocation.
  • Screenshot on Error
  • Includes reporting (not integrated with Dynatrace yet, due to unavailability of charting)



  • Physical devices are currently hosted by MarketWare
  • Scripts are developed by MarketWare, and deployed on the devices



  • Access to the app itself
    • Google’s Play Store, Apple App Store or custom APK (Android only)
  • Dynatrace API keys for
    • Custom device creation (can be done by client)
    • API v2 “Ingest metrics”


  • No change required in app
    • Available for both iOS and Android
    • Uses physical devices
      • Devices are jailbroken/rooted
  • Measurements are available in 1 minute slots for the moment
  • Data is uploaded via Dynatrace API
  • Scripting is needed to command apps
    • Developed by MarketWare
    • Some functionality (eg. geolocation) is not available at the moment
  • Number of “events” can be variable, but total time allocated for the measurement is 55 seconds
    • Higher n x minute slots are possible