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Go Green!

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Import your Google Analytics Real Time data into Dynatrace and correlate it with all other metrics provided by Dynatrace.

Correlation of Google Analytics data with Dynatrace is key to bringing together different teams inside an Organization, and provide a way to unificate communication regarding business key performance indicators. It also provides the foundations for better understanding Google Analytics data, as you correlate it with all the information that Dynatrace provides. Besides the number of users in real-time, you can import most of the information provided by the Google Analytics API, including device categories, traffic types and countries of origin. Configuration of what to import is available.

Key Features

  • Import Google Analytics Real-time data into Dynatrace.
  • Detailed information about Countries, Device Category, and Traffic Type, are available. More to come!
  • Configurable options on what to import, so you can manage DDU consumption.
  • Information regarding which country metrics are to be processed, can be configured.


  • Custom Extension ZIP
  • Needs Google Analytics API info
    • Only client needs to know & configure


  • Set-up and configuration follows best practices for the deployment of an Activegate extension:
    • Deploy the ZIP to the corresponding ActiveGate
    • Configure appropriate Custom Extension in Dynatrace with Google Analytics API info
    • Data management is available in the form of Filter Lists


Normal ActiveGate Extension that grabs Google Analytics Real Time data, and feeds it into Dynatrace.

  • Number of users in Google Analytics Realtime
  • All the information available at the moment in Further details due to chart limitations
  • At the moment, Further Details available for Countries, Device Category, and Traffic Type
  • More to come!
Real Time
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