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Go Green!

Go Green!

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Environmental Commitment


Environmental Commitment: natural harmony between the effectiveness and the environmental protection

MarketWare has a policy of environmental responsibility that follows with determination and concern, bringing to the company the best practices that allow their employees an adaptation of an environmentalist posture, traducing their values, through sample and practical measures that allow the preservation, reuse and stimulation of the environment in several areas:


  • Save ecological resources with the reduction of paper

As a friend of the environment and an enthusiastic of the new technologies, MarketWare adopts the philosophy of the electronic paper. It has implemented the necessary procedures to make these electronic documents safe and legally valid, reducing drastically the paper production and printing. Nowadays, most of the documents are produced and storage in electronic format and the cut of trees, the printing ink and other prejudicial aspects for the environment are safeguarded. Paper only in last resource!


  • Save energy

Energy is one of the resources that we most tend to use irrationally. MarketWare wants to increment in their employees the ecological spirit and measures, which allows a balance and a sustainable distribution of energy, throughout the utilization of compact fluorescent lamps that produce less heat and are more durable, awaring them to turn off completely all of the equipment after work and reusing solar light as often as possible.


  • Reuse of the existent resources

Recycle and reuse are the words of order. Separate the trash and the electronical equipments, put them in ecopontos and ponto electrão, already is an habit as any other.
MarketWare is able to avoid the waste of natural resources, reducing the annual consumption of water and energy and promoting a natural harmony between effectiveness and environmental protection.