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Bem-vindo à MarketWare!

Welcome to MarketWare. We are the company that monitors and certifies the Internet. We are also the company of Electronic Documents and Digital Signatures. We are a trusted third party capable of measuring, evaluating and implementing your Information Systems projects in an impartial and credible way. For these reasons and for the trust placed over these years, we are, above all, your trusted partner.


MarketWare provides LEI Codes for Portugal and Spain

MarketWare became the first Portuguese company to provide LEI Codes for the Iberian market. As a result of the partnership with RapidLEI, MarketWare makes it possible to issue the LEI Code at the TIME the order is placed. Orders can be placed online through the website https://codigolei.certificados.eu


MarketWare Provides Qualified Interoperable Time Stamps

A MarketWare passará a comercializar Selos Temporais Qualificados a partir de Maio de 2017. Com a venda deste produto/serviço, a empresa pretende facilitar o processo de certificação de processos, mensagens ou documentos que requerem prova temporal de ocorrência. Visit the website timestamp.certificados.eu/en


MarketWare presents the CERTIFICADOS.EU website

MarketWare offers a complete platform for issuing Digital Certificates, ranging from the SSL certificate to the Qualified Certificate for the production of Digital Signatures https://certificados.eu